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Dance Costumes

Dance costumes are an extremely important part of every dance team for their performances and competitions.  Dancers practice for months to get their routine memorized and perfectly executed.  They even travel far distances in order to compete with other teams of equal talent.  Costumes help bring to life the performance that dancers work so hard to complete.  They help accentuate the dancers movements making them look more flowing and elaborate.  Because of this it is important to choose the right costume for your routine and team.  Every member of the team should have costumes that are fitting of the same theme if not exactly the same.  When choosing a costume every individual on the team must be kept in mind.  The type of dance must also be kept in mind, there are appropriate costumes for every style of dance. 

Ballet is one of the oldest and most classical types of dance that is still performed.  Ballet requires its dancers to posses balance, grace and strength to complete basic movements.  These features should be reflected in the costume of the dancer.  Ballet dancers should choose simple and classic dance costumes that make their graceful motions look even more stunning then they are.  Their costumes should also be simple as to not interfere with their performance or distract the audience from their moves.  Leotards are very common costumes for ballet performances because they are both classic and simple.  They allow the dancer to perform with the balance and flexibility that they need while displaying beauty and adding elegance to the performance. 

Jazz and hip-hop styles of dancing allow the dancers to wear elaborate and themed dance costumes.  The movements of jazz style dancing incooperate the entire body so that it appears that the group is moving as a whole.  Often times choosing the perfect costume will complete your team, making their performance appear flawless.  Costumes of this style should be flashy and eye catching so that the audience is drawn to every movement of the body.  They should also be fitting of the song that is being performed so that the mood of the performance is just right.  Uniformity is extremely important to this style of dance because the costume adds so much to the performance. 

Lyrical dance is a combination of ballet and modern styles of dance.  Its movements are slow and graceful but can also be elaborate and incooperate the entire body.  Lyrical dance often requires very simple dance costumes and are elegant in design.   Often times these style costumes require a lot of light and long flowing material.  This will accentuate the dancers slow and graceful movements and the fabric will highlight every move the dancer makes.  The audience will be drawn to even the slightest of movements from the dancers body.  Lyrical costumes are often long and gown like.  They should also be exactly the same for the entire team because the uniformity will add to the awe of the performance greatly.
Themed dances are the only style of dance that will have much variety in their costumes.  Themed performances often are styled after a song or era and are often as playful as they are professional.  These dance performances require many different dance costumes and props.   When assembling costumes for a themed dance performance it is extremely important to choose costumes that are very similar in style and make.  Because the performers will be performing on stage simultaneously it is still important that they look professional.  Purchasing costumes that are too eclectic detracts from the professionalism.  It is also important when choosing to performed a themed dance that your theme can be portrayed through costumes because it is not simple to portray a theme in moves alone. 

Cultural dances often require a fitting cultural costume.  It is important that your dance costume accurately reflects the cultural dance you are performing.  It is inappropriate and rude to perform a cultural dance in a costume that is not meant for that dance.  Many cultures have specific costumes for their dances, those costumes should be used.  When performing a cultural dance it is important to know much about the culture the dance comes from.  Some research may have to be done if you do not come directly from that culture. 

Children’s dance costumes should be fun and colorful.  Children bring a playfulness and joy to every performance.  Their costume should bring to life their natural childless.  While many styles of dance are performed by children their costumes should not be as mature or elegant as the costumes of the same style performed by adults.  Children’s costumes should be very song themed as they will need to interest the child as well.  They key element in picking a child’s costume is comfort.  If the child is not comfortable in their costume then it will inevitably be removed. 


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