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Dance Accessories

Many dance accessories become necessary for performances and practices while some are optional and fun.  The accessories that you will eventually need are called mandatory accessories and all other accessories are considered optional based on function and need.   Accessories can be purchased to add to uniformity in performances.  Often times they add to costumes and should be purchased by the entire team.  Other accessories include bags, water bottles and even dance clothing.  These are great things for every dancer to have however they are not mandatory purchases. 

Mandatory dance accessories are usually purchased by the whole team.  They are meant to help with safety, support and uniformity.  The most important accessory is a dancers dance shoes.    There are specific kinds of shoes that must be used for each kind of dance.  Some shoes can be used for multiple types of dance.  Keep in mind the type of dance you are performing when you choose your dance shoe.  Tights are also usually mandatory because they accentuate the dancers legs and provide more uniformity to the costume.  Because of this it is usually preferred that the dancers buy the same or similar colored tights.    Undergarments can be chosen by the dancer and can be of any type or style.  However,  it is important to keep your costume in mind while buying undergarments because they should not show.  All undergarments should be purchased in skin tones so if they do show they are not easily visible.  Braces are also mandatory accessories for dancers with injuries who wish to continue dancing.  To ensure the safety of the dancer and to prevent all health problems that may arise a brace should be used on the area of concern.  A dancer with an injury should never dance without a brace. 

Optional dance accessories are purchased based on each dancers individual needs.  The most common accessories are dance clothing.  Many teams choose to create personalized dance clothing to show support for their team off the dance floor.  This can include jackets, pants, shirts and hats.  Many dancers find it necessary to purchase duffle bags to place their dancewear in.  This helps keep things organized for competitions and performances.  Another common optional accessory is make up.  Many dancers choose to coordinate their make up with the team.  Many dancers will wear make up exactly the same or similar to other members of their team.  This helps with uniformity during performances and competition.  Other accessories can be purchased like hair ties and bows to add to the costume.  Accessories like garment bags and water bottles are also optional.


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